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The Great Debate!

  • 18 Aug 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • The Wharf Hotel
  • 22



Will tourism return to how it was before the pandemic or has it been forever disrupted?

For many sectors in the tourism industry, 2019 was filled with momentum and movement, a good year with an even better outlook, then the global pandemic brought our industry to a halt in 2020. Today, travel continues to be heavily impacted by the pandemic, the way people move, interact and enjoy experiences has completely changed.  However the big question on many people’s minds remains, are these changes to tourism here to stay or will we go back to the way things were? 

You will have the opportunity to briefly hear from a diverse range of industry experts as they discuss a post covid tourism industry and the lessons they have learnt from the past 18 months about operating in a dynamic and ever changing environment. We will then break into small groups for you to debate and discuss with other up and coming tourism professionals how you think the tourism industry is positioned for the future - will tourism return to how it was before the pandemic or has it been forever disrupted?  Following these small group debates, each group will have the opportunity to share their perspective on the future.

Nibbles will be provided. Drinks can be purchased at bar prices (don't forget to download the AVC app!)

Where is it?

The Wharf Hotel, 18/38 Siddeley St, Melbourne 

Who's invited?

Everyone that has an interest in the topic, studies or works in the fields of tourism, events, hospitality, travel and accommodation. YTN members and non-members are invited.

Our Back-up Plan:

In the case we are unable to host an in-person event due to Covid19 restrictions, we will move this event to Zoom and refund all money paid towards tickets. 

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